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An essential CD-ROM for researchers with roots in Ireland.

What Is It ?

From the research work of Jim Rees, author of "Surplus People - The Fitzwilliam Clearances 1847-1856" and "A Farewell to Famine"
Never before published as a complete work.

This is a record of the families who left the Fitzwilliam Estate in County Wicklow, Ireland during the clearances carried out by the estate between 1847 and 1856.
The vast majority went to Quebec, one shipload went on the Star to St. Andrews, New Brunswick in 1848. The information is taken from the Fitzwilliam Emigration Books (National Library of Ireland, MS 4974 & 4975), a list of the people scheduled to sail on the "Star", "Jessie", and "Swan" (Fitzwilliam Papers, National Library of Ireland), and various lists in the records of Parks Canada at Grosse Isle, Quebec and the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick relating to the "Star".

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Where are we talking about ?

The area circled on the map at the left shows the approximate area covered by Lord Fitzwilliam's estate.
It includes families from various parishes. The most common ones being:
  • Carnew
  • Mullinacuff
  • Aghowle
  • Kilcommon
  • Kiltegan
  • Crosspatrick
  • Kilpipe
  • Moyne
  • Moyacomb
  • Preban
  • Hacketstown
  • Liscolman
  • Crecrin
  • Ardoyne
Click here for a list of the
townland mentioned.

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Why Should I Be Interested in this CD-ROM ?

Those who have attempted any Irish family history research will be aware that the sheer lack of records makes the task a difficult one.
As a result, those conducting research are forced to seek out any records which may provide an adequate substitute to the lack of census records for the 19th Century. For this reason, records such as the Griffith's Land Valuation (for example) are now used as a primary source for family history. It shows the head of each householder who was required to pay land tax.
The Fitzwilliam papers, in a similar way, can provide a great deal of information regarding families in the area of South Wicklow which constituted Lord Fitzwilliam's Coolattin Estate.
Unlike Griffith's this data shows ALL members of the families concerned, including ages and relationships.
The data was originally recorded by the employee's of Lord Fitzwilliam, and was used to help determine which families were suitable for assisted passage out of Ireland.
The data should be of interest to those of Irish descent in the USA and Canada in particular, as the majority of those who left were headed for those places.
However, the data should also be of interest to any researcher with roots in the South Wicklow- North Wexford areas, as it contains names not only of tenants (some of whom remained behind) but also landlords and head-tenants, who rented directly from Lord Fitzwilliam.
The CD-ROM would therefore be an ideal reference work for Family History Societies and Libraries with a particular interest in southern Irish genealogy.

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How Does the Software Work ?

The software on this CD-ROM permits you to search the Fitzwilliam Tenants data in various ways.
All names, including landlords and head tenants, are fully indexed.
All names are cross-referenced for search purposes. The data can also be printed out to the attached printer.
The data contains 898 family entries, and has a cross-reference of 6667 names.

Click on image to view in detail
Search by
  • Surname
  • Given names
  • Ship travelled on
  • Parish name
  • Townland Name
Search on tenants only, or landlords and head tenants only, or both.
Also search by family name only.
Wildcard searching is permitted.
For each family, the information shown will include (where known):
  • Given names, ages and relationships of family members
  • Townland names
  • Parish names
  • Ship sailed on, with dates of departure and arrival
  • Description of the holding
  • notes regarding name of landlord or head tenant

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