Transcribed by and shown here with the kind permission of Jean Rice

Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s. Some owned property in Co. Wicklow and lived elsewhere. Of course, many more Irish owned less than one acre, or none at all, and their names would be appear on this list.

1. Thomas Acton, address Westaston, owned 4,845 acres.
2. Samuel F. Adair, address Fitzwilliam-square, Dublin, owned 1 acre.
3. Earl of Aldborough, address Paris, owned 1,155 acres.
4. Robert Anderson, address Baltinglass, owned 23 acres.
5. Thomas Annesley, address Crone, owned 58 acres.
6. Catherine Archer, no address given, owned 82 acres.
7. Edward Archer, address Mountpleasant-square, Dublin, owned 414 acres.
8. Pierce Archer, address Cowpasture, owned 80 acres.
9. Skeffington Archer, address Great Charles-street, Dubl
in, owned 161 acres. 10. Sarah Ashenhurst, no address given, owned 186 acres.
11. Edward Atkinson, address Dunran, owned 304 acres.
12. Sarah Atkinson, no address given, owned 679 acres.
13. Charles B. Bacon, no address given, owned 964 acres.
14. Bagenal, (first name not given), Reps. of, address Dublin, owned 7 acres.
15. John G. Ball, address Kilea, Londonderry, owned 256 acres.
16. Rev. Edw. W. Barlow, address Bath, owned 323 acres.
17. Edward Barrington, address Fassaroe, Bray, owned 19 acres.
18. Robt. D. Barry, Reps. of, address Ashford, Wicklow, owned 60 acres.
19. John Barton, address Valley of Diamonds, Bray, owned 2 acres.
20. Thomas E. Barton, address Glendalough House, owned 1,542 acres.
21. Major Battley, address Templecarrig, Delgany, owned 71 acres.
22. Edward S. Bayley, address Ballyarthur, owned 3,026 acres.
23. James Beakey address Dublin, owned 231 acres.
24. David Beatty, no address given, owned 106 acres.
25. Frederick Beatty, address Lake Park, owned 573 acres.
26. William Beresford, address England, owned 260 acres.
27. Besley, (first name and address not given), owned 50 acres.
28. Catherine Bestall, address Templelyon, owned 70 acres.
29. Eliza Bestall, address Wicklow, owned 58 acres.
30. Loftus H. Bland, Reps. of, address Blandsford, owned 203 acres.
31. "Board of Education," no address given, owned 590 acres.
32. Peter Boland, address Arklow, owned 280 acres.
33. Rev. John Bonham, address Ballylea, owned 195 acres.
34. Georgina Bookey address Derrybane, owned 2,684 acres.
35. William T. E. Bookey, same address, owned 1,745 acres.
35. George Booth, address Lara, owned 1,250 acres.
37. George Booth, Reps. of, address Rathnew, owned 71 acres.
38. John Booth, jun., Reps. of, same address, also owned 71 acres.
39. John Booth, sen., Reps. of, same address, owned 71 acres.
40. Joseph Booth, same address, also owned 71 acres.
41. Thomas Booth, same address, owned 71 acres.
42. Andrew Bourne, address France, owned 2,898 acres.
43. Jeremiah Boyce, address Crossnacoole, owned 33 acres.
44. James Brady, address Monamuck, owned 87 acres.
45. John Brady, Reps. of, address Dublin, owned 8 acres.
46. Luke Brady, Reps. of, address Limerick, owned 5,837 acres.
47. Edward Breslin, address Marine Hotel, Bray, owned 2 acres.
48. Charles Brien, address Dubln, owned 123 acres.
49. Patrick Brien, address Coolamaddra, owned 36 acres.
50. James Brierton, address Glencap Commons, Bray, owned 1 acre.
51. Richard H. Brooke, address Castle Howard, owned 268 acres.
52. Mrs. Browne, address Newtownsaunders, owned 38 acres.
53. H. J. Brownrigg, Reps. of, no address given, owned 173 acres.
54. William H. Brownrigg, address The Strand Bray, owned 1 acre.
55. Ellen Buckley, address Barchullin Commons, Bray, owned 2 acres.
56. John Buckley, address Delgany, owned 12 acres.
57. D. Tighe Bunbury, address Rosanna, owned 3,459 acres.

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